You just the alternative, after everything else fails to fall in place,

You are only the other option, when the first path is in a mess,

Of course she can’t tell you the truth, has no heart for the pain,

In case her main fear springs to life, Romeo chooses his main.


Behind that smile and those eyes you so much love, lies a troubled heart,

So much tangled in twisted fantasies, try untangling and you get hurt,

 You fall back and let the stars to align, life to fall in place, but it does not,

In another man’s hands lies your fate, in his absence you tie the knot.


She just made it on that date because prince charming stood her up, in case you were over the moon,

You know it but you don’t care; just glad she made it, you hope she will realize you a good man soon,

Before it’s too late, have your alternative too who’s still waiting even though you asked her to move on,

Tried following your advice without much success; love is complicated, just like you, she’s holding on.


Blame the other guy, but not before you think about what you doing to the other poor guy,

He’s waiting on you to make up your mind; in love with your alternative love, can’t lie,

You all sad souls whose path is intertwined, whose happiness is interdependent,

And the crazy love chain continues, and how will it end if no one is penitent?



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