Love Debacle




Wake up, it’s time

Your dad will soon be here.”


“You don’t want to get me in trouble again, do you?”  

Still nothing

Turns around and lightly kisses her on the neck

She seems cold

Is about to lightly bite her earlobes, that always did the trick

It always scintillated him

Something else gets his attention, white form in her mouth

She looks pale

Babe, are you okay?

Are you sick?”


Jumps off the bed, bed sheets flying after him like debris in a whirlwind

Starts shaking her, tries pumping her chest with his hands

For the first time in his life tries a kiss of life, in an effort to resuscitate her

Her once beautiful lips looks disgusting

Goes ahead nevertheless with what will be the last kiss

Still no movement

Only a naked, lifeless body with two pretty eyes staring back at him

Now all over his body, perspirations

He’s shaking involuntarily

Tears freely flowing

“What have I done?”

Beside the bed on the small table, is the heroine apparatus

“Did she overdose?”

Looks around and notices empty bottles scattered all over the room

“Did we drink that much?”

Should he dial 911, wait for her dad maybe

He was supposed to pick her up that morning, take her back to the rehab

Hasn’t given up on his only child, not yet or maybe never

Believed she could still straighten up, be his baby girl again

What a debacle!

Wants to run away but has no energy left

Still in a trance, picks up the phone and dials three numbers

Goes back to bed, lies next to her

Softly sobs

In a distance, sirens are heard.


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