Does it ever stop?


The fighting, when exactly does it end?

When you are dying, lying on that sick-bed?

Or when you already dead, buried six feet deep,

Maybe cremated; scattered in the ocean, sink deep.


The fighting starts even before you born; kicking mama’s womb like it’s all rosy outside, in for a shock,

Baby outside it’s just malaria and pneumonia for a newborn, still have to learn to walk and talk,

Go to school and tolerate the intolerable, learn math and remember Chinese is important too,

Good grades or no life outside, the teacher insists and you buy it but it’s only half-true.


You now here, papers in order and still no job; need more than  just a good resume in your hustler’s bag,

Have the whole world to prove wrong; at home you’ve a nagging girl, doesn’t know all you need is a hug,

Propose to her family first then later her, don’t forget dowry ain’t paid in installments,

Still wondering why so many bachelors, long queues at the judiciary for annulments?


Life struggles, does it ever stop?

Does it have to be this way, living of hope?

Just made it over a thorny hedge, there’s another hurdle,

Congrats son but don’t get excited; not yet’ there’s another riddle.


But I’ve already  switched off my mind, let the whole world win,

I gave up on religion long time ago, tired of being told every action I take is a sin,

I’m only human, why do you expect that much from me?

What else do you need babe, gave you the whole of me.


With red blood I wrote you in my heart, in my books and blog is all you,

I smiled at the idea of seeing you, shed tears at the very idea of losing you,

Yet I’m here again, from the face of the world I just wanna disappear or stand on Mt. Kenya and drop,

Tired of learning, being told you’ll meet someone better; all I wanna be told is that all these pain will stop!


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