I know  she ain’t my girl; everyday tells me, not verbally but in all she does,

Still I keep holding on, a man of faith believes there can still be us,

She can still be my girl, can still  be her only,

What’s the essence, having him if you still lonely.


Maybe it’s me who got it all twisted, got it all wrong,

Just wanted a guy to fill the void, stayed overseas for long,

Wanted someone understanding to cure the longing, hug her when it got cold,

When the whole world on her back, a ready shoulder and a firm hand to hold.


I see her lips form an excuse, and I’m stupid enough to say I understand,

Looking at the calendar, maybe I should’ve left it be just one night stand,

Should’ve controlled my heart, told it not to fall in love,

Shouldn’t been so confident, not every girl you can have,


Life can be disappointing but it’s alright now, don’t have to lie to ourselves anymore,

He’s back and he’s all you ever wanted, just know I won’t be holding on anymore,

Been here before I swear, writing the end of a fling,

A tear on my keyboard, thought it’ll end with a ring.


But you were never mine, never there from day one


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