Who do we blame?


I’m looking for someone to blame, for nature’s destructive side,

I’m looking for someone to blame, grant me a soul or it’s justice denied,

I’m looking for someone to blame, for the Northern parts of my country,

I’m looking for someone to blame, for tribalism and bad politics in my country.


In Northern Kenya the other time it was famine, now it’s raining and everywhere it’s floods,

Those beautiful people; the Turkana and the somalis, only prayed for enough water for their herds,

Made holes in the sand in search of water, walked for days in search of grass and few grains,

Now rain is here and they’re forced to flee, surrender their livestock; all they’ve toiled for, life’s gains.


Now who do we blame?

Do we blame God (The religious will call me blasphemous)?

Do we blame Mother Nature (Yea, I think I’ll blame her. She’s biased)?

Ourselves maybe, for being born in such regions (Nah, no one chooses where to be born)?

Or just shut the hell up and blame no one, concentrate on surviving (Quite mean).

12 thoughts on “Who do we blame?

    1. Yea, man it’s just crazy. alking It’s frustrating to see how cruel is to some people. These people I’m talking about, just the other month they were fighting hunger, praying for rain. Now rain is here and they’re watching flood water carry their property.

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  1. I blame industrialized agriculture + monocropping. Corporate Farms work against nature instead of with God’s designs. This throws the environment out of balance and causes famine, then drought, and eventually when the rains fall there’s no cover to absorb the water. All of this also called shortages which make people stressed out and mean.

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      1. If I were to advise anyone who wants to change things I would tell them to learn about Permacultre. Many classes are free online in respect to the founder’s wishes. It’s a system of restoring the fertility of the land and feeding hungry people in the process. But be warned.. in most places the establishment will be threatened by the loss of power that crisis gives them.

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