The Holly month is here babe, starting tomorrow I’m fasting,

Hope you can understand, thirty days the period it’ll be lasting,

No it’s not Eid babe, Ramadhan; ain’t your religion, why should I blame you?

I know you don’t understand my religion but worry not, I will teach you,


Like usual, opened my arms ready for a hug from my beautiful girl

Been a long day, just wanted to feel her heart close to mine

Whisper in her ear, I’m glad you home babe

How was your day?


But she keeps her distance, I’m getting scared

What in the world did I do?

But she sweetly smiles and tells me, babe I’m fasting

Told you yesterday, remember?


Didn’t know that her religion was that strict, I’m just a Christian young man in love with a beautiful Muslim girl

A staunch believer of her religion

Says I can’t even touch her when fasting, has to be pure

But even with her faith, still loves me and that I know for sure


Yesterday evening, some minutes after six

Stealthily creeps up behind me, wraps herself around me

Passionately kissed her, hungry for some of her Ramadhan blessings

And how beautiful she looked in that hijab


Muslim or not, I want her to be my girl forever

Want her to sometimes take me to the mosque, let me take her to church too

Care not about religion, God’s one

Created love and blessed it


Judge me not, just a poor young man in love…


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