Ebola in Congo (DRC)

ambulance architecture building business

WHO got it under control, already administering the vaccine,

Say they’ll ensure the virus doesn’t spread, populated Kinshasa just downstream,

Mbandaka, the port city on Congo River, over ten million the number of people,

Hope they’re right; want to believe them, 12,000 and more,

The number of folks that Ebola killed, 2013 to 2016 in West Africa.


Such a huge number of people to die, because someone slept on the job,

Bestowed upon by Humanity, WHO started acting in 2014 when it’s already to late,

For the beautiful souls that perished, may their souls Rest in Peace,

Never been to Congo though it neighbors Lira in Uganda, the small town mama grew up in,

Still I want them to be saved, they’re humans like me and deserve better.


I want that innocent little kid to survive, grow up and be a doctor or write stories like me,

I want that mzee to live, continue providing for his family like he did before,

I want that health worker living in a protective suit to see another day, get back home on his or her feet,

And not in a casket or in an ambulance, too weak to even smile for the loved ones,

I want the world to stop whatever they’re doing, just for a moment,

Reflect on what I’m saying, it’s IMPORTANT.


We are all humans living in one village, let’s bring out the HUMANITY in us,

The people of that fishing town, the entire Democratic Republic of Congo needs us,

Yesterday was Liberia and her neighbors, today it’s DRC and who knows about tomorrow,

It might be my beautiful Kenya, God forbid, or your country.


(Just saying!)

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