adult black and white dark eyes


Fresh out of a separation from her abusive husband, a friend called her,

Got a job offer down in Lamu, Kenya’s coastal town that’s not very far,

From Mombasa City where she stays with her parents, a humble place,

Her eyes brightened up, a smile appeared on her tired but still beautiful face.


“Allah finally remembered me, heard my cry and seen my plight”,

Got three kids looking up to her, without much success tried to fight,

For her marriage, her old poor old folks can’t take care of her baggage,

Kissed her kids and said farewell to her parents, packed up her luggage.


“Get in the truck woman, prepare yourself for a long journey ahead”,

She isn’t comfortable, everything doesn’t feel right but agrees to be led,

By these strangers into the unknown; blame her not, blame it on her desperation,

No different from immigrants drowning in Mediterranean, fleeing home out of frustration.


Crosses the border into Somalia and ready for greener pastures, soon her troubles will be over,

You can imagine her surprise when she’s given military clothes to wash, Al-shabaab logo allover,

Still pondering over what she has brought herself into, next day she’s being gang-raped by the militias,

Chosen to join the other “lucky” women, the ones to bear the next generation of Al-shabaab militias.


If only she knew, the job was to play wife to those monsters, the atrocious sons of the devil,

Camouflaging their evil deeds behind Quran, say they fighting for a cause but we know they’re evil,

Unleashing their horrors on the innocent souls; hope this Ramadhan they’re fasting, begging forgiveness from the Lord,

Maybe even repentance isn’t enough to wash away their sins, you don’t justify your evil deeds by the name of God.


One night; the militias are out terrorizing innocents, escapes but she’s in a bad state,

Border patrol rescues her and rushes her to a hospital, a new twist to her fate,

Happy she’s back home but doctor looks sad, there’s something else not so so positive,

There is something she should know, both her pregnancy and HIV test came positive.

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