Pregnancy News

So it’s true, I didn’t want to believe it

But now I see it’s true, going to be a mom

A bouncing baby boy, hope he’s going to be as tough as me

Congratulations, only wish I was the dad,

The first face he sees, soon as he pops out,

Be among the first people to hold him, immediately the nurse gives green light,

Look into his eyes and a light kiss on the forehead, welcome him into the world,

Touching his tiny red nose,

maybe with a little red rose,

Tell him it’s going to be tough but it’ll eventually turn out alright, all of my extended family got his little back.

Unfortunately he ain’t mine, me and mama went separate ways

Long time ago before he was conceived, before he even became an idea

Couldn’t hold it together, now she got someone else and so do I

She’s beautiful both in and out, loves babies too (Safina)

Told you guys, didn’t I?

All in all I’m happy for you, wish you the best in parenthood

Heard it’s no simple job but you’ll be alright, if your mama managed you will too

And before I forget, thanks for the honour

Count on me to get him the best name, maybe one I had saved for my own future son

And also thank you for being one of the reasons behind me starting this blog, venting out all the break up pain after you

But here we are, maybe I was just acting childish with what was never meant to be

Maybe we were better this way, as friends and nothing more

Congratulations once again, I might be looting Amazon soon for the best baby present

Hope my beautiful Safina will agree to come with me.

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