Don’t judge people

Don’t judge people
Not unless it’s your professional job

Not unless it puts food on your family table

Not unless it puts bad people away for sometime, long enough to figure out their mistakes and correct them

After they’ve done their time, come back and co-exist with the rest of society in harmony

And put away some for good

Those who the jury thought, don’t deserve a second chance or any chance at all

Those who shouldn’t spend one more day with the rest of humanity

Those who shouldn’t even wait for God’s judgement day

Otherwise if you are not the above character, please don’t judge others

You don’t know how it feels like to walk in their shoes

You don’t know how it feels like to live their lives

How it feels like to be in their skin

How it feels like to live being called ugly, from the moment you born

How it feels like to wake up in their world

You don’t know what made them make that decision

Or why they said no to you

You don’t know why they committed that crime

You don’t know why they’re walking with tattered clothes, or

Why they’re talking to themselves


Life is so twisted, complicated and you can never tell why we all do what we do

Judge no one, not unless you are God, Or it’s your professional job

Maybe you wouldn’t last half an hour in their shoes, or

A minute in their skin

Maybe you wouldn’t survive a financial year in their office

Maybe you wouldn’t live long enough if it was you who went through that trauma

Maybe you wouldn’t survive with their wealth, or poverty


I’m not judging you either, all I’m trying to say is,

Don’t be to quick to judge people

Not until you’ve sat down with them, listened and tried to understand them

Don’t judge them, not unless after a deliberation

We are all humans, we make mistakes

We are not immune to error and some causes of our actions are beyond us

7 thoughts on “Don’t judge people

    1. Thank you my friend and you most welcome. The first step to being a better is first admitting you ain’t perfect and working on imperfections. We’ve all judged others, I’m no exception and it’s wrong but we will strive to be better. Wish you great time.

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