Forgive Me Note

You don’t deserve that, a jealous man

Right to be mad, a slap will do better

Told you if I ever step out of line, you let me know

If I get on your nerves, you let me know

I’m a human and that’s the only way you can be sure I won’t repeat it next time

I believe Relationship,

Is a school where we learn each other’s values and appreciate them,

But also here, is where we learn of each others faults and help each other get better

Better versions of ourselves

A school where we share our moments, both beautiful and sad ones

All I’m trying to say babe, is that I’m sorry

Didn’t start with, “I was being protective” because it doesn’t justify my behavior

And nothing does, but

I’m here, writing this note because

I care about you, and I care about your feelings

And your forgiveness

With you I promised to do everything differently

To work hard today and be better than I was yesterday, for a better tomorrow

To treat you better than I treated anyone before you

I ask you to forgive me babe, promise to do better next time.

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