The girl you knew

Let this one go, she’s no longer that girl

She’s no longer the girl you knew back in the day

The one you knew is long dead, buried in time

That one there, is just a reflection of the one you knew

The childhood flame, the one you used to play with after school and sometimes long into the night

Counting stars, waiting for the moon to rise up

Sharing your wild dreams, making promises and,

Carving your names on trees

Imitating the crying jackals and other wild animals in the bushes

Laughing after hyenas, to the chagrin of your folks

During the August holidays, when there was no rain,

Just the sun shinning down with anger and,

A slight breeze from down there,

Down in Lake Victoria

It was just you, two renegades plotting mischief

If not chasing after them butterflies, or plucking wild flowers in the field

But then you grew up, and school came up

Maybe was the weapon used to separate two young souls,

Trying to figure out what love is

Distance succeeded in keeping you apart

Met knew people and with time, the chains started loosening

The promises you made started losing meaning

And in no time you were total strangers

Tried rekindling the love a number of times but no fire

Maybe you should just let it go, give in to fate

You can still be friends, can’t you?

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