The tired Kenyan young man

Is it just us Kenyans who are treated this bad by both our country and our elected leaders or is it the way of all Africans?

Sometimes I sit down and look at my country, with everything that’s going on, and feel like running away. In fact for the past few years I’ve been playing with the idea of applying for the Green Card in Trump’s US or seeking asylum in some country far away from this African Continent of ours and maybe with some luck, succeed in escaping all these hullabaloo.

Well, you can go ahead and call me unpatriotic, or any other nasty term that can satisfy your disappointment in me, but I will tell you with a straight face that I don’t care! I don’t f*** care!

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With the current state of our country, who can blame me! Who can blame me for being tired of living in a country that doesn’t care whether I die of hunger or not. Who can blame me for being tired of living in a country where only the rich are sure of being driven into a hospital in an ambulance and at the end of the day leave walking on their two feet. Who can blame me for being tired of living in a country that doesn’t care whether I get quality education or not, whether I get employed or not! My security doesn’t matter, does it?

Now in Kenya, being born poor is a sure death sentence, let no one lie to you about equal opportunities for every child born in Kenya. Better healthcare is only a dream for most Kenyans. We have hospitals like Karen and Nairobi Hospitals and not forgetting Mater – last week my sister spend one night in this one and you wouldn’t believe the bill she was slapped with — where only the rich can afford to go. Not even that ridiculous NHIF cover is enough to get you treated.

The same rich people have made sure that public hospitals like Kenyatta and St. Mary’s which helped the poor man are nothing but just a resemblance of their former selves. Can you imagine at this time and age we still have people dying of malaria!

How can I be proud of living in a country where the poor only matter during elections? Told all sorts of lies by the big man who come flying down in our poor village in a chopper, sometimes landing on the playground of the old village school with no classrooms and later after a long speech, fly away full of promises. After five years in office, comes back full of apologies, and blames his failure on unknown elements and again humbly asks for votes – this time round wants a bigger office with more powers so that he can bring that piped water he had promised – and the forgiving us, gives the imbecile another chance. And here we are!

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If I told you I gave up on watching news, or even listening to it will you believe me? I’m better of writing my twisted poems and articles that only a handful of people will care to read rather than waste my time watching that bullshit we call news that half of it highlights only the interests and ambitions of the big man and the other half, the plight of the majority of Kenyans. Land grabbing, money scandals, court cases (election petitions), you name it.

And by the way, one of my lecturers at the University, was telling us last week that 90 percent of the country’s resources – after the discovery of oil in Turkana, tell me which poor Kenyan owns land in that County — are owned by only 10 percent of Kenyans. It hurt me so much. And now the budget is increasing in digits with each Financial Year, and it’s just us the remaining 90 percent of Kenyans to fund it. This world is so cruel!

Which country can just allow a few individuals to steal billions of public money and walk away like heroes and heroines. Can you imagine what Ksh.10.5 Billion ($105 Million) can do for the country! The number of roads it can repair or even construct! The number of hospital equipment for cancer patients it can buy or the number of schools it can construct. The Nambale-Butula Road (a very important road to the economy of my people in Busia County) is yet to have tarmac, and it’s 2018 for crying out loud! Just to think that even the Nairobi CBD roads have potholes just makes me sick.


If only it was possible, then we would line all these thieving parasites on the wall and get a firing squad. Write history and drive a message home. I know you are already judging me: “That must be a vigilante speaking”. May you choke on your words!

Someone can walk away with such an amount and Mumias sugar, a very important sugar factory that employed thousands of Kenyans is lying there, rotting away on its deathbed. It no longer produces sugar, good news for the rich tycoons and politicians with money to import and sell to the poor Kenyans and make abnormal profits. And that’s why I didn’t give a shit of the recent sugar scandal where the Internal Security CS, Fred Matiang’i said they confiscated contraband sugar that contained mercury and a couple of other God knows what!

The whole thing freaked the hell out of Kenyans. Can you imagine such an important government official publicly saying that the sugar you’ve been consuming is poisonous! I can honestly tell you I’ve witnessed guys panicking their way into taking sugarless porridge and tea. The funny thing about this whole episode is that just the other day the same Matiang’i while facing the Parliamentary Committee that’s looking into the whole thing, audaciously says that he was only scaring Kenyans. Like seriously! What a statement to be uttered by someone in the capacity of a CS, and no one, not even the same committee is holding him accountable. He is too big to answer to anyone after all, right?

What a country! The Law of the land only applies to the ordinary poor man. Thousands of innocent Kenyans innocently convicted are wasting away in Shimo La Tewa, Naivasha Maximum, Kamiti and other prisons while those responsible for plunging the country in big debts – the country is in such a debt that I’m told even my future kids have a debt on their heads – are driving around in fuel guzzlers, supervising their soon to be completed skyscrapers and other bloody projects.

When you’re growing up they are always reminding you how education is the key. How you are nobody without at least a degree. Your folks toil their entire lives for your school fees, doing the unthinkable, walking barefooted and half-naked to ensure you get that vital education, one they themselves never had. You finish school with honors, and it has been years now and still no job.

“Do you know anybody?”

Almost every office you walk into, someone is asking you that. No one cares how good your résumé is or how brilliant the inside of your head looks like. It doesn’t matter, you’re just a nobody who knows nobody.

Even in government parastatals before you get a job, tribe first and sometimes you have to give a bribe, never mind boy you walked all the way from whatever hole you call home to make it to that interview. Sometimes you’re even asked who you voted for in the last election


Back home your pops kicked the bucket from an illness your situation brought him. Lived the last few years of his life bitter and frustrated, cursing everyone and everything that passed his way. You can’t blame him, can you? Thanks to you he died a squatter and in a mud house with a leaking roof.

Your mama is almost following her dear beloved to the grave. She was quite brave, lived hopping that one day God will remember her, and still nothing and she’s still holding on to that rosary. In all that misery, she’s still smiling whenever she sees you. She is still waiting for that house you promised to buy her with your first salary.

Are you still asking why I will give anything to get out of here? Are you still wondering why there are still Kenyan women going to Saudi Arabia for jobs even with all that cruelty they have to endure? And don’t tell me you are still wondering why so many African migrants are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea everyday trying to cross into Europe!

I don’t know if it us Kenyans who are just naïve, careless, ignorant, maybe trusting or tolerant, or what! How can we live through all these mediocrity? Don’t we have standards…pride…feelings! I don’t know about you but for me, I’m just f*** tired!

(Apologies to my friends who I promised not to write any more Politics. I know you care about me, and I’m grateful but I just couldn’t help it. I had to say something… I had to write something!)

13 thoughts on “The tired Kenyan young man

  1. No matter your country’s wealth, this same thing happens all over the world. Corruption and unrighteousness rule on this earth and, even in the U.S., we have homeless people and dying people who cannot afford healthcare. There are parts of the U.S. that children grow up with scraps clothing them and no shoes and no clean water and lose their teeth before they turn 15 years old because of malnutrition. How can this happen in a country of such abundance??? Yet, it does. And that question, “Do you know anybody?” I have been asked that question. Many, many times. I have been rejected for not knowing anybody many, many times, also. I am sorry to say that the world is in such a state of being…

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    1. Oh man! Thought it was just a Kenyan and maybe to a larger extent, an African issue but guess I was wrong. So poor governance is in almost every country. I never actually imagined that a kid can suffer malnutrition in a country such as the US, and the “Do you know anybody” factor in job search. Just hope you finally got a job. Thank you so much for your feedback, I’ve learnt something. Have a great time and take care over there.


  2. Treated with indifference or contempt, its a very sad truth around the world. Specially african countries. Beeing a black woman in Portugal an european country its not that obvious, but its there. “Do you know anybody?” The question it self, its not there but its implied. The world is full of mediocrity. Good post. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much dear for your feedback. It’s so sad but I’m optimistic (have no other option) that one day, things will change in my country, in Africa and around the world. Hope there’s no racism in Portugal. Have a wonderful time and take care.

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      1. You are wellcome. Some level of racism is everywhere. Its not in your face, but you notice in the way certain people talk to you and their actions. But the sad thing is that there is racism among black peolple them selfs. All because i am light skin and my parents are from Cape Verde. Take care


  3. Brother, it really depends on what part of the U.S. you locate to. Here in West Virginia we are one of the poorest states in the union. However, if a person works hard and is smart he can do well.
    I have have known people who come from other countries who do very well because they know how to hustle. Yes we still have homeless people but in each one there is an underlying cause. Drugs, alcoholism, mental illness and emotional issues. There are also people who blame others and just don’t know how to change their circumstances.
    Also, people who come into our country the right way are usually welcomed. Don’t let the media scare you. It would be a lot of work but if you truly are the person that I believe you are you would be okay.
    Don’t be foolish. Look for a job before you buy your tickets. Then transition into an entrepreneur.

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    1. Wow! Thank you for this. The best advice anyone can give you for free…get a job first even before I hit the airport. Point taken home. Hope one day I will be lucky enough to visit West Virginia. By the way home you okay and of good health. Have a wonderful week!


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