World War III



Is it loading?

Earlier today I was sitting in an IT class listening to a lecture from this professor on Information Systems Security, and when he came to Cryptography, he mentioned how the Nazis used to communicate during the Second World War. And just by the way he asked the class, “When was the third world war?”

I don’t know why he asked that, maybe he just wanted to test us on history, a subject I only liked when we were reading about the ancient war heroes like Shaka Zulu and not when it came to Civic and exams sitting parts. Or maybe, like most lecturers he just wanted to find out the alertness level of the class. Anyway, someone from the back of the lab was already on it. Shouted an answer to his question which the professor didn’t get, so he asked the person to come up again but instead, he received a chorus answer.

“Still loading!”

He laughed, and so did we. So he went ahead and asked who are the culprits loading it, and almost half the class shouted, “Trump!”

The other half of the class shouted the name of North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un while some said it’s both the two.

It was really interesting to hear a whole class agreeing on an issue with such conviction. Guys who have never seen either of the two leaders in person and already have a tinted impression of the them. Not even their recent phenomenon meeting in Singapore was enough to deter my colleagues’ attitude!

Maybe my fellow comrades, just like dozens of people out there are wrong about these two leaders, but if not, then the world need to be worry of them. Sleep with one eye open! Who want to be dragged into a senseless war?

And the ones who suffer the most, are those who absolutely have no idea on the genesis of the war. Citizens of Nagasaki and Hiroshima are still suffering from a war they knew very little about it’s cause!

I’m just saying!

6 thoughts on “World War III

  1. Don’t let all the saber rattling get you unsettled. It’s just a negotiation strategy. I believe that North Korea wants to give up their nukes but in doing so they want to get as much financial advantage as the can.
    Trump doesn’t really want a war either. He’s just making them work for it. It’s all just for show. Read your Bible. Mankind doesn’t destroy the earth. God does.

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