Small breasts (wasn’t enough)

Is it really worth it? Do you have to go through a breast augmentation surgery?

Last week we heard very disturbing news here in Nairobi, where a beautiful mother of three lost her life trying to get big boobs. June Wanza Mulupi, a Nairobi-based food blogger, decided to enlarge her breasts at a clinic in Galleria Mall in Karen, Nairobi, but unfortunately the procedure didn’t go well leading to her untimely demise.

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It’s said she developed complications after her cosmetic surgery and was rushed to Nairobi Hospital where she was admitted to the HDU (High Dependency Unit). The doctors found out that the lady had punctured intestines, causing waste to seep out and spread into her stomach causing a serious infection. So the anonymous doctor who had performed the botched surgery had accidentally (or maybe intentionally, who knows) punctured the woman’s intestines! She passed away on Friday.

So sad! That’s why I asked if it’s worth it.

Nowadays all our girls; our sisters, our girlfriends, our wives, and even our mothers, want to be as beautiful as Beyonce and have Nicki Minaj’s boobs or Kim Kardashian’s ass. It’s not a bad thing to be beautiful, or to aspire to be one, the only problem comes in when someone dies because of it.

Why can’t people just be contented with the way God created them! You have all seen chimpanzees and gorillas. To most people they look ugly, right? But who has ever heard them complain about their image, or trying to change it. They’re okay with how they look, and in fact it’s just us humans who may think they ugly. They have a life to live, hence don’t care what beauty-obsessed humans think!

A woman was created with a nice, moderate behind, she feels like it’s not enough, she wants one like her neighbor’s. Another was created with just enough tits, she thinks it’s not enough — like her babies are complaining of not getting enough milk — and like June, our unfortunate case, goes ahead to find ways of enlarging them! Nowadays we have people going for surgeries to correct, actually change their various body parts.

Some are going to the surgeon and some just hungry for various beauty products in an effort to change their skin color, the shape of their nose, their lips and getting rid of stomach fat.

Through all these craziness, one thing that comes out clear is the fact that mankind, especially the women, are not contented with their bodies. They’re always finding faults with the way they look. It’s like they’re questioning God! They’re telling God, “Look God, You didn’t create us the way we would’ve wanted)!

“God You should’ve created me with bigger buttocks like Vera Sidika’s and not this tiny thing you gave me!”

In one way or another we’re all questioning God, but altering your body, takes the questioning to another level. Maybe June’s death was not in vain after all, someone can still learn from it. What business did an already beautiful woman with such a beautiful family have going to enlarge her breasts! Not judging, just trying to imagine what might have propelled her to do it. Was it her husband complaining about the size of her organs, or friends giving her ideas on how to be more prettier? Was it maybe the fact that she could afford it, or just out of her own conviction?

Anyway it doesn’t matter now, does it? Now her kids will have to grow up without their mother and a husband has lost a wife. Maybe if June had been contented with the way she was, she would still be here, with her family.

To my sisters, my girlfriend and all the girls out there, you are beautiful just the way you are! Never forget that. Let the world accept you the way you are. Boob job, or any other nonsense out there, is not worth it!

19 thoughts on “Small breasts (wasn’t enough)

  1. I was just about to say what Lloyds just said about the problem with large breasts. a lot of women suffer from this and if it was left to them they will be happier with smaller or average size busts. I it so refreshing to read this post knowing it was written by a man because women need listen /read more of these advise and think hard before going for plastic surgery.

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