What is love

Growing up, used to wonder about love

What is it?

And who is right about it

But then I grew up and,

met people, some in love and some out of it

Read about love in books, watched movies about it and listened to love music

A few times found myself in it, made enough mistakes to help me get out and be single again

Loving no one

Just me, myself and I

Then fate got me on someone else’s orbit, and she was there

Beautiful, huge eyes sparkling like an enormous diamond

Snow-white teeth glittering behind a contagious smile

With her own story (almost similar to my own)

Polite and understanding

In all my errors, shortfalls, misgivings, she just smiled

Said I’m just a spoilt boy and believed I will one day grow up

Was patient with me and,

made me start seeing love in another light.

Love is not just about;






Or any other thing out there

It’s simply making someone feel wanted

It’s simply making someone feel they matter

It’s giving someone you care about, a reason enough to want to see sunshine the next day

Even if they’re going through a difficult time

To me (my opinion), that’s LOVE

6 thoughts on “What is love

  1. A beautiful post! I have been reading on this topic for the past 30 minutes and yours is the first article that I felt had real emotion behind it.

    Liked by 1 person

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