Set her free

Set her free

Let her fly, up in the air

There she’s happy

A cage is for a slave, not for a beautiful woman

Not for one born free

Accepted you on her own freewill, didn’t she?

Let her out in the sun, if you still think she’s beautiful

Let the monsoon or the easterlies blow on her hair

See the view, the look on her face is priceless

Let her play in the rain like a child, sometimes

And when it’s all quiet, you will hear the melody

The beautiful childhood song

The one that was sang to the brave

The one passed down to her from her great great grandmother

The same one she is expected to pass on to her offsprings

When the time is right

And maybe,

when the flowers have bloomed, that breathtaking scent of the roses is in the air

The harvests in plenty, enough food for the household

Everyone is happy and contented

Free girl, set her free

You’ll live happy

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