Obama Kenya

His last visit was two years ago in 2015, serving his second term as the US president.

But now he’s here again — though only for a one day visit — for his fifth visit in the country, the land of his father. The first time he came was in 1987 and later in 1992 both of which were not properly documented since he was just another dude in pursuit of his roots, maybe identity. He again visited in 2006 when he was the Illinois senator.


Obama is expected to launch Sauti Kuu Foundation, a Sports, Resource and Vocational Training Centre in Kogelo on Monday. It’s a foundation started by his sister Dr. Auma, to help the underprivileged in the society.

From Kenya, it’s said he’s headed to South Africa where he will deliver the 16th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture in Johannesburg, according to both the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Obama Foundation.

As the president, with his tight schedule, he couldn’t even manage to visit Kogelo, his ancestral home (wish you could’ve seen how folks were disappointed) the last time he was here. Before I heard of his schedule from the media and the time he’s expected to be staying in the country, was hopeful that he will have enough time to go around the villages, saying hi to folks, like a dignified African. It’s our way you know. He has to sit down with village elders over mlija (local brew), and attentively listen to their concerns. It’s important you know!

Listen to them whining about the state of the country; the NYS (National Youth Service) saga where some few individuals just decided to steal billions of public money while thousands of citizens are going to bed hungry, how M-Pigs (MPs) were flown to Russia to watch the World Cup in the name of “benchmarking” instead of Harambee Stars, the ailing National Football team, and how Safaricom, the mobile subscriber is stealing from poor Kenyans — the other day just decided to increase the M-pesa charges by a whole shilling without a good reason!

And I’m sure they can’t forget to mention to him their concern on the betting issue in the country.

I know by now, mama Sarah Obama is over the moon. Not even her old age will be enough to hold her down. This time round, she will be able to sit down and enjoy a good time with her grandson without some hawk eyed secret service raising eyebrows. She can even go ahead and prepare him mbuta (tilapia) fresh from Lake Victoria and a huge dish of ugali.

man person suit united states of america

After launching Dr. Auma’s Foundation — allegedly one of his main reason for coming back — he should hit the road on a safari trail and visit Masai Mara or Tsavo National Parks. Who said the Elephant, the lion, the cheetah, the giraffe, the crocodile and their fellow jungle mates won’t be excited to finally meet him!

He should take a photo with one of the many orphaned baby elephants, whose parents have been killed by poachers. And he should not leave the country without paying homage to Sudan, the late rhinoceros.

I really feel sorry for that Kenyan lawyer… what was his name? The one that was publicly dreaming of Marrying Malia Obama. She won’t be coming again! Maybe the dude should try taking his vibe to Harvard University.

Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing him in person for the first time. Hope my dream will come true. In 2015 my efforts of meeting him when he was POTUS were futile. With all his security detail, was easier meeting God, I tell you.

He should know just like him, I’m a writer too. He wrote “Dreams from my father”, well, I’m writing ” Dreams from my grandfather (Madekesi)”. Dad will be leaving behind only nightmares when his time finally comes.

Welcome home Obama! When you are pulling from the JKIA, closely look at the crowds that will be gathered alongside the Mombasa Road. You happen to see a dark, slightly tall boy with ambitious huge eyes and undying smile, that will probably be me.

Just wave back, I will be waving till the last car on your motorcade looks like nothing but a full stop.

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