My little soldier friend, Gavin, hiding away in the old fridge


Son, now you are all grown up

Should be thinking about starting a family

I don’t know about you, me I would love a grandchild

I need a helper in my old age

When I can walk no more, to fetch me the walking stick,

When I can talk no more, becomes my interpreter,

When vision is failing me, help me pick a Sunday dress,

When my teeth are falling off, prepare me soup and soft food and,

When I fall sick, is there to manage my medication,

I will need someone to read me bedtime stories, like I did with my own grandmother

Get me a beautiful daughter-in-law, one with a tender heart and,

Just enough brains, and strong hands like my own

A woman that’ll be mother to your younger siblings when I’m gone, treat them like they’re from her own womb

Boy I raised you and your siblings all by myself, had to learn a foreign language and quickly adapt to this Kenyan life

Get someone that can tolerate life, no one is promised tomorrow

You told me about her, the Muslim girl

Said she’s both beautiful and intelligent, I love that

But, are you sure?

This is life not a rehearsal, got to be sure son

From what I’ve heard from that religion and their women, just don’t know son

But if you love each other and believe it’ll work, then I’m okay

You have my blessings

Marry that lucky girl and give me a beautiful grandchild.

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