silhouette photography of person standing on green grass in front of mountains during golden hour
Photo by Simon Migaj on

Sometimes wish I had the power to teleport

Go to bed and wake up somewhere else

Go to bed after a long, fruitless day and,

Wake up in some strange country


I want to escape my reality, just for a while

For a moment, run away from this old boring life

A hostage in my own skin, on my neck got a knife

Fear in my heart, scared of tomorrow

Voices in my head, harsh words

Maybe they’re right, I will fail like dad

Or like my step-brother, I end up mad

Broke and homeless, she leaves me for a better man

Don’t wanna end up lonely, living like an outcast

Don’t want my kids to resent me for letting them down

For leaving them to be raised by a stranger


Wish I could teleport

Wake up in this beautiful city, or in some country home with friendly faces

Hope they’ll understand my english and maybe my swahili, don’t wanna end up with a bullet in black ass

Murdered in cold blood and buried in somebody’s backyard, couldn’t teleport back to reality in time or,

Bundled in some black hole in some prison, someone couldn’t comprehend my situation

“Who are you?

Where are you from?

And how did you get yourself here?”

I know it’ll have it’s share of challenges but still wish I could teleport.

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