Twisted Love (how we came to be)

Still trying to understand,  

how we came to be together 

Me and you babe, two young people 

From different worlds 

Unmatching skin color

Believing in two opposing religions that don’t see eye to eye 

One is too selfish, consumed by hate;  believes their girls only have to marry their own, never a kaffir 

While the other is too occupied in proving its legitimacy, that it’s the righteous one 

God’s chosen

And yet through all this hostility, diffferences 

Through all this murky politics of life

Still fall for each other  and,

I don’t know how that came to be


I had never seen you before

I had never spoken to you before

It was the first time that our eyes were meeting, 

It was the first time we were smiling at each other, 

It was the first time that, we were hearing each other’s voice 

And yet here we are, inseparable

Two people who can’t stay away from each other 

Not for a minute, and certainly not for a day 

Two young people fighting every single obstacle on their paths to be with each other 

Ain’t easy, but we are progressing

Something like democracy, work in progress

Two people who have turned a deaf ear to the rest of the world 

What are they saying, the people 

That we wouldn’t last?

That they’ve never seen people from our religions marrying before, 

Without one party raising outrageous demands? 

Like, you have to convert… 

But here we are, a living proof 

Two people in love with each other 

With a promise of one day tying the knot if all goes well and, 

How did this come to be? 

Still trying to comprehend

This twisted love.

(After the unfortunate events of last week, life has to continue.)

10 thoughts on “Twisted Love (how we came to be)

  1. This is beautiful. My love of my life and I are two different races, and we grew up in very different circumstances too. And we too have different religious and political beliefs, but neither of those things are a very big issue because we were not from places where the differences are so pronounced. Some day hopefully all of mankind will understand that we are all here for a reason and regardless of anything else, we need to honor that.
    Thank you very much for the poem.

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    1. Hey Anne, thanks for your feedback. Glad to here of your story, and happy that it worked for you. I’m hopefully too that one day, all these differences will be no more and we will just be one human race. Thank you and have a great time!

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