The future of Africa

animal africa zoo lion

I hear birds chirping, the beautiful weaver birds in the millet field

Down in Mara river, I see a crocodile basking near a family of hippos

Everything is so calm, the elephant and the rhino looking so peaceful under the baobab

No sight of a poacher, poaching is in the past

I see green again just like in the past, a well managed African jungle

Reduced desertification; well managed Kalahari, Namib and Sahara

Ripple effect of the peace and stability across the continent, political stability

I know you don’t believe me but I’ve seen the vision, clear as daylight

Countries from the North to the South, from the West to the East of Africa

Skyscrapers from the Indian Coastline to the Atlantic, signs of a stable economy

Improved trade relations from here in Kenya to Nigeria, from Egypt to South Africa

Through Zimbabwe and Zambia, Madagascar to Seychelles

I see the love, Christians and Muslims living in harmony; inter-marriages across the divide

We can listen to each other now, improved communication

Both the English and French speakers, and even Arabic; no more miscommunication

Everyone is coming in, no more drowning in the Mediterranean Sea in pursuit of greener pastures in Europe

I see happy tourists all the way from Tripoli and Rabat to Dakar, Addis Ababa and Kampala

From Lilongwe, down to Antananarivo and all the way to Luanda, and down to Windhoek

A stable Somalia, no more Al shabaab and,

No more of their equally evil brothers, Boko Haram either

Minimal Western influence too, no more civil wars

No more dying because of diamonds, gold, and oil; natural resources

Increased life expectancy, death at ninety and due to natural causes

No one is dying because of malaria, that shame lives in the past

I don’t know what you see, I see hope

I see a prosperous Africa, among the top richest

I see a great continent, existing as one beautiful country

I see Africa, as it was envisioned by God.

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