I love you

Wish you had seen the look on my face when she said,

“And babe, I love you”

Wish you had seen the broad smile that developed on my lips

Felt like I’m in space, floating in nothing

Around me nothing, only deafening silence

For a moment I forgot my woes

Remembered none of my worries, my insecurities

For a moment didn’t think about the uncertainties of tomorrow or,

The nightmares of yesterday

For once in my life, mama was nonexistent

It was just me in that moment

And it felt good, savored the moment

Wanted it to last forever

Don’t recall but I’m sure I whispered back,

“I love you too, babe”

After that wasn’t the same again

I’m still smiling.

(Love change people. A simple phrase like “I love you”, can make people do wonders! Don’t underestimate the power of love)

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