African Poem

On the bench under the Mugumo tree, facing the lake

The sun is sinking down in the horizon

A red ball of fire, emitting warm rays

Tenderly kissing the village for the last time, no one seems to be reciprocating

Only busy with their own activities

Watching the fishermen row back

Some already alighting with their paraphernalia

Bearing heavy hearts, those who came back empty-handed

See Fish for Sex.

On the other side I see a woman

Balancing a 20-litre water can on her head

With her little one trudging closely behind

Holding on to her doll, a brightly dressed maize cob

Hurrying home before the sun sets, and darkness falls in

Hyenas already laughing

Stealthily creeping in the bushes by the village path

Waiting for the perfect prey

An owl is hooting from a distance

Cattle luxuriously chewing cud in their shed

Only Chui (Leopard) the dog is jumping up and down, chasing after the ducks

It’s quiet, only smoking huts and rushing kids

A cloud has gathered over the hills, on the other side

It will rain, certainly

And I still have my pen, paper, and this moment

Everything I need to write an African poem.

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