The human face

Earlier today I was reading the adventures of Marco Polo — a man I admire, still don’t know why. And I’m sure it’s not solely because of his adventures, and travels or because of his entrepreneurial mind — in The Journeyer, by Gary Jennings. Then I stumbled upon his wildest assertion concerning the human face and beauty in general.

According to him, there’s nothing like “oh she has a beautiful nose,” or eyes! By a person’s first impression, you are either beautiful or ugly, nothing in between. Read the following excerpt that I compiled from the book.

“…but I was too much occupied in devouring her beauty.

How do I describe her? When we view a monument or an edifice, any such work of art or architecture, we remark on this and that element of it. Either the combination of details makes it handsome, or some particular detail is so noteworthy as to redeem the whole from mediocrity.

But the human face is never viewed as an accretion of details. It either strikes us immediately as beautiful in it’s entirety, or it does not.

If we can say of a woman only that ‘she has nicely arched eyebrows,’ then clearly we had to look hard to see that, and the rest of her features are little worth remarking…”

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