August 7th 1998 Terrorist Attack in Nairobi

I may not have been fully conscious by then, when the twin attack on American Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania occurred, but now I’m aware of its impact and the loss that came with it. And I take this moment just to remember the victims in my own little way through this post.

Almost on daily basis I pass by the 7th Memorial Park in Nairobi, where the American Embassy stood before it was brought down by Acts of Terrorism in the year 1998.



The names of the victims/Facebook

After the bombing of the building, the ruins were removed and in place, a small beautiful park was set up in memory of the victims. Once I’ve been in there but as I said, almost on daily basis for the last four years I’ve been passing there from and to the University. And in each of those occasions, not once have I passed without throwing a glimpse at the many names of the victims that decorate a small dark green board.

I may not know the owners of those names but I feel what they went through and what those they left behind have had to go through for the last 20 years. The survivors were left with a wound that will never be healed even years after the death of Osama bin Laden, the said mastermind behind the attack.



Barack Obama alongside his family and some Kenyans when he visited as a US Senator/Facebook

The attack left a dent in our capital city, our country, our continent and the world at large that will be with us for the rest of humanity. And all this unnecessary pain was brought because of what?

Was it because of hate? Lack of love for fellow humans, and maybe so because of our own twisted way of interpreting the holly books. God will be the judge of that.

You hate the Americans so much that you don’t mind killing innocent people in the process of satisfying your vengeance. And maybe the terrorist didn’t care, thought our countries are only occupied by Christians (kaffir).

But it doesn’t matter now, the milk already spilt. All we have left is to remember the victims, take care of their living loved ones and ensure such atrocious acts don’t ever happen again by being vigil — more than we were in 1998 — and promoting peace. Embracing everyone in spite of their religion, race or even tribe.

9 thoughts on “August 7th 1998 Terrorist Attack in Nairobi

  1. I pray to Almighty GOD to do justice even to the believed coming life .For us who are left behind our work is ,to pray for peace and unity and let us be our brothers and sister keeper whether they are from any denomination or have any religious background . WE CELEBRATE THE LIVES OF THOSE THAT LOST IT.GOD BE WITH THERE SOULS

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