Life by the script

What if life is just one big story, written by God (Allah)

And we are only mere characters

Living each day the way He had planned it, page after page

You wake up and find your world slightly changed, it’s just a new twist to the plot

Whoever you in love with today, was just part of the master plan

You last today, tomorrow and the day after with your love

Be grateful and enjoy each moment, others’ last only hours

A Christian like me, and fall in love with a beautiful Muslim girl

Don’t ask why, maybe it’s all part of the plan

Was there from the beginning, in God’s blueprint

During creation there were no religions, just one beautiful family living in Eden

Still wanna marry her (you will all be invited), in Church or Mosque (doesn’t matter the venue)

All that matters me looking into her eyes when we exchange our vows, never get tired of that

And in every story, however beautiful

There must be a sad twist, someone dying before the end of the story

It might be you or someone close to you, the love of your life maybe

When it happens don’t blame the poet or the writer, when He was writing

Maybe didn’t know you will be the specific person playing the part, accept and move on

Wait for your part, we all have our roles in this story

Just play your role the best way you can, He might fall in love with the actor and decide to retain him for a future play (You never know).

(Forgive me, I’m just a twisted Kenyan poet with his own issues)

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