Sick People

They will kill a whole village, if they have to

Just to save a loved one, or make the person live one more day

Story of the sick scientists, creating the unimaginable just to prove a point

Creating what humanity doesn’t need for money, power and to show the world they’re geniuses

Stretching genetic code, only to end up creating fatal toxins and incurable diseases

Pastorpreneurs building Mega Churches, decorated with luxury

From the entrance you feel life, but what they do in the basement you don’t wanna know

Their weird offerings in pursuit of power, so they can do miracles like Jesus and remain relevant

They will burn a whole Nation if they have to, if it means saving their skins

Do you have any idea what they’ll go through just to hide evidence?

They will grab school lands, public parks only to erect a wall around it with nothing inside

They kill the elephants and the rhinos just for an extra dollar, and it’s the poor poacher who end up behind bars

No one touches the master in fancy offices, hiding behind bureaucracy

I know we live in a sick world, but these people are the ones behind most of it’s problems.

(Hope you are not one of the “sick” people)

12 thoughts on “Sick People

  1. The King and Queen of France ended up losing their heads, when they disregarded their duty before God, to foster the people. Mussolini ignored the peasants and was hung from a street lamp. Pol Pot languished in a prison run by Thai mercenaries, on the border between Thailand and Cambodia. Africa is no stranger to the people’s rage- just look at Bokassa- and Mugabe.

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  2. Remember that we were all born in this world innocent. What we learned from Day One affects how we act and the actions we take. You can believe that the people doing these horrible actions were not brought up in loving and mentally healthy families or societies. Even the worst of the worst was not born that way. So it is not per se the individuals but society as a whole. This has been going on since the beginning of time. You need only open any history book to discover that. And who or what remains of these dictators and the most miserable people in history, no matter how much damage they did in this world? Not any part of them or their horrible actions, but what we find consistently across the centuries is the little person – the person no one notices or cares about. It is the farmer plowing his fields, or the women weaving her tapestries. The same kind of people live century after century while all the most horrendous rulers and despots are now existing only in the pages of books, and no longer even in the news.

    We need to not give in to fear of those people. In the long run, they will never amount to more than a moment of time in the world, like a flood or earthquake. Thank you so much.

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    1. Thank you too mom! If I’m to understand you, it’s the environment, the society as a whole that has molded the sick people. They were never born that way. I get it now. Thanks for your wise words once again.

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      1. I should qualify that. There are some children who are born with things like autism, or some who are born with an inability to have any emotions. The special needs children are more common, but they are not generally bad because they are incapable of knowing bad and good. I have worked with those children and adults for years, so I know them. But those children who are born psychotic from a problem with their genes can do bad things. It usually shows up when they are still children. They will torture and kill animals, and not feel a thing. Still, the signs are there when they are children, so the parents could have gotten help for them. Also, some parents who are on drugs or just horrible people themselves, might abuse, abandon or neglect their children might have had that done to them, so they just keep repeating the patterns. but yes, the environment is also responsible with all the chemicals in the air, climate change, etc. that is prevalent everywhere.

        As for us, we have to keep trying to help others in this world if and when we are able. Believe that there is good in the world always though, for this world would not have continued for thousands of years and in every country if not. Thank you for your interesting post.

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        1. Okay, I hear you. Now I get it. Parents should try to be close to their children from an earlier age so they don’t miss anything in their development. And also for the rest of us to help one another, those who need who need our love most. Also think that we should discourage bullying as much as we can. Heard that those kids that have been bullied, turn into very bad people in their adult lives if they don’t get help.

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          1. I think the thing is to realize that there are a lot of people in the world who are ill mentally. So yes, having a kind word even if you are unable to support the person in other ways, is always a good thing. And most of the mentally ill people have been bullied and mistreated in some ways we may not even be able to imagine. A lot of those kids who have been severely bullied commit suicide or find ways to get themselves killed such as drug overdoses, hanging out with others who are dangerous or putting themselves in dangerous situations. It is a never-ending situation. We have had two young people under 14 kill themselves in our area and we are a small town. It is very common these days.

            Remember that the love you put out into the world will return to you ten-fold. You can be a volunteer for homeless people to get fed, or you can help in a senior center, or perhaps help teach young boys how to play soccer or some other sport you may know. Peace and many blessings, Anne

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