End of love

I can feel that air, that air that makes breathing a difficult experience

The one that marks the end of something beautiful,

And the beginning of a painful and uncertain future

Heartbreaks, nursing painful wounds

Scared of the ugly scars

I can feel it, you know that feeling

Like it’s the end of a fling

The end of something you thought might last

Something you thought might sprout into something else

More beautiful than a rose

More brighter than all the stars in the milky way combined

Sweeter than honey

The sky looks dull, the sun is yet to rise

Maybe it doesn’t feel like it

Yesterday night there were no stars either

It’s just me and this pain, if this is reality, don’t wanna wake up either

I think it’s the end of love…

(Maybe you can still work it out homie!)

13 thoughts on “End of love

  1. You know, those we love come in different times of our lives. I believe each and every one of them contributes something to our lives. We learn from them lessons we will learn nowhere else. And when they are gone, it is because we have learned what we need to learn. Sometimes we need to look at the lessons that we do learn. Were we both facing in the same direction looking out on the future together, or was one of us believing what we wanted to believe about our partner? Or perhaps were we in love with the idea of love? When they are gone, we are not empty because we have all our memories, as well as all of our lessons we have learned. What we do for the future with what we have learned will help us through our lives. We have been blessed with a gift that some folks will never experience in a lifetime, and that is something to give thanks for. You can always write a letter to the person to thank him or her for the things you had, and how much you appreciated it. And you can say that you would like to stay friends. Remember that people do change in life. You have changed several times at least in your life, and I know at 76 short years of living that I have changed more than a few times. That is the nature of us all, and is not about you personally, even if it seems like it. Do accept it being over and know that it is not the final relationship you will have in your life.

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    1. Thanks so much mum! That’ s wisdom speaking, and I’m really grateful. Sure, we can look at the end of love positively. Reflect on the lessons learned. Hope all my friends will read this (I will get them to). Have a nice time over there, and glad you dropped by!

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  2. You have a wonderful young life, and so much ahead of you. Stay on the path, and always be true to your own self first and foremost. It is good to be loved, but make sure you are loved for who you are, as you are. There IS a give and take to relationships, but we should never give too much of ourselves. And we want to make sure we are all facing out in the same direction. That said, you will do well in your life. Peace and many blessings, Anne

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