If I told you my story, you wouldn’t believe it

Maybe I should write it down,

And sell it,

I know it’ll be the bestseller

It has smiles, but mostly tears

Of pain and happiness

Decorated with love, there’s humility too

And enough evidence, evidence of poverty

And there’s pride, lots of it

It’s said that,

Some people hide behind makeup, some behind smiles

Guess us, it was behind our pride

Went to bed hungry but never told the world, told ourselves it’ll be alright

We will eat the next day, in tomorrow there’s hope

And when we lost a loved one, told ourselves he or she is in better hands

Lord’s care

Nothing can touch him, no one can hurt him now

Saw my older siblings sacrifice their education for us, it’s never easy giving up your future for someone else

So you see, seen sacrifice too

Seen heart breaks too, when he left mama for the stepmother

And we are still here,

And I’m still here with you, writing

I’m sure it’ll be the bestseller, when I finally write it down.

(We all have a story, make yours the bestseller)

10 thoughts on “Bestseller

  1. Oh my God… these are ones of the most beautiful, powerful lines… there’s such a depth… chapeau my friend… and please, write this down, the best seller will follow..

    Liked by 1 person

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