Personal Wars

She’s mad at me

The other day had a fight, didn’t introduce me to her Egyptian friends

Asked why, took offense I guess

It’s petty, right?

Still I’m bothered.

Wish you knew how I’m feeling

Finally finished that short story, the one I’ve been so ecstatic about

The one that might make it to that anthology, finally expose the twisted writer to the world

About to submit it (wish me luck)

Wanted her to proofread, it would mean the world to me

Two of the most important people in my world reading it, my sister already did

Her grammar so prolific, her recommendation would be welcome

Has luck too.

And my graduation is coming this December, still have so much to sort out

Hardly sleep, thinking what might happen tomorrow

So much at stake, can’t give up

No room for failure either, that’s what you get when you live in my world

Fall asleep in public buses, wake up past my destination

So scared. I’m so scared.

**That one above, has to be me**

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