All we need

My face calm like that of a sleeping baby

Stared in the mirror by the coffee shop, just briefly

Before hurriedly looking away again

Thought the image was mocking me

Isn’t that hypocrisy, I’m not okay

Can’t it feel the turmoil in my heart

Can’t it see the painfully ugly, flickering images in my head

A storm is gathering, thank God always been a rational one

Never a violent one, just think

Life should be fair, can’t it see I’m doing everything I can

Can’t it see I’m learning to be a better person, like I had promised her

I’m only human, sometimes I fail

Can’t watch my tongue all the time, sometimes it slips

I say sorry, hope that’s enough

Hope I’m enough, I know you are

Sometimes in this life

All we ever need

Is someone who believes

We are all they need.

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