Mediterranean Lamia

It was said that the lamia took the form of a very young witch

Astonishingly beautiful, enticed a young man to fall in love with her

After snaring one, makes love to him voluptuously and industriously

Till he gets exhausted and,

When he’s limp and helpless, eats him alive

That’s the story of the lamia

The one narrated to me long time ago by grandfather, before he passed on

The one told to him by his grandfather, the great great great Madekesi

Who had a buccaneering friend

Roamed the Indian waters, to the Atlantic

Sometimes wondering as far as the Pacific, into the Caribbean

Where red skinned people lived, where the African slaves were taken to work in white man’s plantations

Never mind he was only born a Bantu, a crop farmer in the African terrain


Maybe the lamia was only a myth, maybe not

One thing I’m sure of, such characters live today

Watch out, don’t get feasted on by a female demon in a beautiful skin.

11 thoughts on “Mediterranean Lamia

  1. Madekesi, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts. I’m sorry for the loss of Kofi Anan (and I apologize if I spelled his name or your name wrong). Thank you for sharing your voice with the world. Keep it up!

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    1. Haha… Growing up we’ve all been told about it. In fact I think there’s no country that doesn’t have this fable. It used to scare me as kids, thinking I can fall in love with someone who ends up eating me. If you go to Mombasa, Kenya, you will hear of such stories only that they’re called, “jini”.

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