Pretty Novice

Though we boys are always lecherous, usually lust for real women

Any girl of our own age, we tend to regard as only another playmate

A tomboy among the boys

I see you girl, through my naked eyes

The undisturbed beauty that’s so enticing, the childish fervor and the innocence

Not me, not me to take that away

Can’t be responsible for the sacrilege, one who goes down for the violation

And not something you can never have back, not ever

Not like I’m scared, or find you unattractive

Distasteful and appalling, you have to understand

It’s a responsibility on me too, on my conscience

I’m that guy, care more about my reputation than my eye

I know, seems like I’m taking the gesture for granted

It’s a generosity, one most boys will gluttonously grab

My pleasure in return for your pain, as much as it’s just for a little while

The first time is always painful for a virgin, and unsatisfying

Every girl knows that, every woman tells them that

My pretty novice, I understand the thrill

The excitement of understanding yourself, maybe feeling like a woman

But maybe you should hold on a little longer, till the time is right

And the man too, regrets come afterwards.

(Don’t ask me what I’m writing. Have no answer!)

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