One day

One day, the world will be so proud of me

With tears in your eyes, you’ll be telling people how you met me

Folks will be grateful I was born, keep telling myself that

Not to blow my own trumpet, but as a reminder

A reminder to myself, to keep pushing hard

To keep trying today for a better tomorrow, for me and for you

Like to think of myself as a life saver, a lifeguard

When the rest see a drowning person, I see a life to save

When the world see a lost generation, I see a hopeful one

I see ambitious and resilient human family, working on their failures for a better future

One day, the race issue will be nothing but a distant memory

Will only exist in history book, like the story of Shaka Zulu

The Africans and the Whites, The Latinos and the Asians living like brothers

And sisters

Looking beyond skin color, beyond the accent on my tongue

One day

Religious differences will be no more, I believe

It’ll just be like in the beginning, one beautiful human family in Eden

You wouldn’t even remember asking, are you a Christian or Muslim?

Are you a Hindu or Buddhist?

No young man will have to worry if he’ll be allowed to marry the love of his life, she comes from the other divide

One day, I will make it to your wedding in Palestine or Vietnam

I will make it to your graduation in Harvard, to your graduation in wherever

Whenever you invite me, whenever you summon my presence

I will make it to you when you’re grieving, hold you and tell you it’ll be alright

Because I love you and I believe in you, together we can make One Day a reality

I’m optimistic.

12 thoughts on “One day

  1. I’m optimistic that one day racism will go away and people will be able to just coexist. Reigious differences won’t be a problem if we have world peace. I see a better world in the future. I see the world in better shape 100 years from now. All the negative will turn to positive in the future.

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