In Nairobi National Park

First of all, I want you to know that I was gatecrashing. It wasn’t our holiday, I’m not a Muslim as you all know and in fact I only found out later that the holiday is called Eid al-Adha after asking this beautiful Muslim girl I ran into in the park. I had no plans of visiting Nairobi National Park. I was all alone and bored, so I decided to hit the park.

I had nothing else, just me and my bag, the one that never leaves my back — I will feel nude if I left the house without it — and my phone, and not forgetting my wallet. My wallet had my ID, without that, don’t think I would’ve been allowed in and also, it helped me pay less once they identified me as a local — a domestic tourist. They ought to pay me for this post you know! I’m promoting them (Another person will argue that I’m only doing my civic duty).

I know you are wondering why in the world was I alone! Where was she! Never mind dear one, it’s complicated. Just know I wanted to be by myself. Alone in the bushes. Someone said, nature walks can heal the soul. Talk to the wild animals like my little friend in the first photo was doing — telling the monkey her fantasies — or just listen to the soothing wind.

I think I should tell you that at the end of the day I was feeling wonderful, ready to carry on with the burden of life. Ready to continue writing, blogging, ready to continue making noise, ready to continue hustling for money and ready to meet new people.

Whistling to myself like a proud liguru (village elder) going home after a night of drinking busaa (local brew), I made my way to the bus stage and took a matatu home.




3 thoughts on “In Nairobi National Park

  1. This is beautiful! Nature is wondrous, and one of the proofs to me that God exists. I love all the photos, and I completely understand about needing to reconnect with nature and be alone, especially when you’ve been dealing with human nature a little too much. I myself am climbing and engaging nature this week with two climbing buddies, both from far away, who came to climb with me. They couldn’t have come at a better time!!! Nature is beautiful, and we are its advocates. Posts like yours show the rest of the world the beauty and value of nature! Thank you for posting all the photos!!! They are amazing!!!

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    1. Thank you dear friend. Your presence here, is always welcome. Yes, I needed that. Just watching those tiny animals I’m not even sure of their names made a difference in my life. Glad you love climbing. Personally I’ve never done that but hope God willing you can even teach me, sometimes in the future. You enjoy it and say hi to your buddies.

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