What to do after break up

Love will always be a hot topic. Being in love is one of the greatest feeling, and equally if it ends can be the worst feeling for anyone. It can be a nightmare for some, especially for the partner who never saw it coming. It can be fatal if not well managed.

Personally I’ve been here before, made a fuss about it, wrote about it and thankfully I came through it. It was sometimes last year when I had just started my blog (specifically for venting), and through the ranting posts I did, I was able to receive help through the encouraging and guiding feedback I got from my readers. It helped me live to see another day, meet new people and subsequently fall in love again. One bad experience in love shouldn’t stop you from living and loving again.

She deserved my tears, my former girlfriend. She was beautiful, and for a better part of the relationship, loved me, I can honestly say. And maybe that blinded me somehow that I never saw the break-up coming. In fact if we all saw the end of love, maybe there’ll be no post break-up pain that we feel. Maybe there’ll be no accompanying suicides, trips to the psychologist, and no more tear-jerking poems.

Some partners don’t even deserve our tears. A girl is physically as ugly as hell, you gave her everything, including your own precious heart and she f** you up! A girl (boy) like that one, and you mourn her for a whole month! A whole year!

The maximum you can give her should be an hour, which will be enough to reflect on the few good things she brought in the relationship and to convince yourself she’s a good riddance. Tell yourself she was the one holding all your blessings, if it will make you smile to yourself and feel better.

If you used to drink, don’t hit the liquor store like Jason Statham in the Crunk, stay sober for a week if it’s possible. If she was the kind who stalk people, let her see a new person, a transformed one. Make her feel like she was the reason behind your drinking habit. If you were a chain smoker, don’t do it for at least a day, or at least not in public.

And another important thing, one that I also read from somewhere, avoid social media at all cost. You have lost her (him) don’t make a mess of yourself any further by posting stuff that will only soil your image and make you look ridiculous. Don’t go on Facebook and start posting bad stuff on her timeline just for vendéta, in an effort to make her look bad. You don’t get yourself up by bringing someone else down. Don’t post those private videos you made just for you two. Yes, it will hurt her, but it will hurt you more in the future. Remember the internet never forgets!

Don’t go full throttle on her like Tupac in BIG diss either (those who listen to hiphop music, know it). That will be extreme, right? We have crazy laws out there, you can be sued. Imagine she marries a dude as tall as Michael Jordan and gives birth to a dwarf — with all due respect to these wonderful people — as short as Lord Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) in the Game of Thrones.

“…f** you and your f**ing mama. I’m gonna make sure all your kids don’t grow…” Tupac

If she is the one doing it, you can just go ahead and block her. Jittered girls can be crazy. They’ll do everything to make you a part of their lives even though you’re not together. They will try everything to make you feel like they’re living. Now we have WhatsApp, and it’s just crazy. In my case, just to avoid all that unnecessary stress, I had to block her on all my social sites and completely got rid of her numbers (even though I had them off head).

I know break up is painful, sometimes more painful than a thousand stabs, still you have to be stronger if you want to survive the experience. You have to be brave as well, and ask for help if you can’t do it alone. There are so many beautiful people out here who will be more than willing to help you get through it. You don’t have to feel alone even if you are alone.

In the world there will always be heartless people, people who only get satisfaction from hurting others. I still believe there’ll be a day of reckoning on this earth, everyone will be held accountable for their actions. Someone wondered, there are thousands of games to play, still people play with feelings. Couldn’t agree more.

Forgive and move on. Go out and have some fun. Go watch wild animals. Enjoy nature. Don’t hold on to anger. Remember that anger is a punishment we give to ourselves for someone else’s mistakes. Just know that with time it gets better. It will come a time when you will be laughing about it, when the memory pops up. You won’t even recall much about the break up but only the period you were in love. I forgave my ex girlfriend and even now I can honestly say we’re in good terms. The other day I ran into her and we couldn’t help sharing smiles. The expression on her face when I stepped forward to hug her, cannot be narrated!

Hope this post will help someone out there. If it helps you, don’t forget to share with us.

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