Learn how to treat people well

Life is unfair, you will always hear that, which is somehow true. From good people dying, to the most hardworking leading life of poverty, to couples breaking each others hearts. Crazy governments out there sucking citizen dry without care.

Nice people will always be f**ed! Never forget that. But do we give up on treating people with love, respect, kindness, with dignity just because of that?

The other week a friend of mine came back from his village in the upcountry and was telling me how, while walking around on a village path, he encountered this man savagely battering his wife in broad daylight. The woman was crying out for help to the passersby, but the funny thing, they were all just watching like it didn’t matter! My friend had to intervene. He had to physically wrestle with the stranger in an effort to save the lady. During the scuffle the lady managed to get free and run. Later on the man accused my friend of being his wife’s lover and it was so ludicrous!

At a certain point in our lives we’ve all been hurt in one way or another. For some people it was only minor and it didn’t take long to heal or get over it, but for some, the wound can be so deep that there’s no hope of recovery. And if the pain, the wound, was caused by someone else, it’s in our human nature to want the perpetrators to pay. It’s natural to feel the desire to revenge, want the person (s) to feel the same or even more pain.

But some people have hearts of stone, they don’t feel remorse! You will torture them and still they will never say sorry. Forgive them and move on. Let go of the burden. An eye for an eye is not an option. Will it not leave the whole world blind?

To those bad people — actually, there are no bad people, just people who made wrong choices — who are always treating others with barbarism. To those people who are always treating others like they’re only half humans simply because of the color of their skins or the accent of their tongues, or because of the weight of their purses. To those people who treat their partners like trash simply because they’ve found someone “better”. Stop it!

Kindness is a virtue. Respect is paramount. Always treat other people — even those who don’t deserve it — with dignity. Treat someone like you would want to be treated. It’s never too late to start learning how to treat other people. The world is not just about you, there are other people too, who just like you, have feelings!

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