You can hear my forlorn sigh from a thousand miles away

You can see my bloodshot eyes behind my sunglasses, lack of sleep and too many tears shed

Behind locked door, my couch and bedcovers evidence enough

Feel like going to that house, guns blazing

Do the unthinkable, take her to the graveyard myself

Bury her in a grave she herself dug, like it’s goddamn Fargo

I know it will feel great for a moment, quenching my revenge thirst

Still I know, not even her death will take away the pain

Wouldn’t answer the tumult of questions in my head, all the years were in vain

This sudden knowledge, all the years I invested in

Gave her my heart and she pissed on it, like it was something unworthy

Lies with every word she whispered in my loyal ears

Now with the mention of her name feel churning in my stomach, think I will vomit

Treachery, can’t believe it was all an act

Heart-warming smile, I turn and get stabbed in the back

Delilah and poor Samson all over again

Pretended to be genteel, now truth lie bare

Just another imperious rascal, thinking she’s a goddess

And how I regard you with disdain.

3 thoughts on “Vendetta

  1. When I went to my 30th class reunion the girl who was “too good for me” was drunk and crying over her decision 30 years ago because the man that she chose to be with instead had told her that day that he wanted to be gay. Fate is a fickle thing and God has a way of using it to protect us from what we thought that we wanted.

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    1. Really! Gay! That’s so ugly. Wasting your time with someone who wants to be gay is actually disturbing! And now the woman was regretting — always come after. And you are certainly right, everything happens for a reason. God will never do anything to hurt us, he’s always protecting us. Thank you for your feedback brother!


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