If River Nile Changed Course

What will happen if one day, the great Nile changed course

Gets sick of draining down into the Mediterranean, decides to try the Red sea

Or even the Indian Ocean, it can just follow the Blue Nile

Or head to the Atlantic in the West of Africa, at mother’s home country in West Nile

Instead of going North from Lake Albert at the Uganda-DRC border, it goes further Westward

Even the royal river can get tired of having to flow all that distance, thousands of miles

Through a sickening terrain, full of cataracts and Sahara desert heat

Only to end up a prisoner in the Aswan Dam down in Egypt, only a little of you having to seep through to freedom

It must be painful, being sucked into old corroded pipes to people’s homes

People who are oblivious to the struggle you had to endure just to end up in their taps

To end up in their high pressure irrigation pumps, to feed millions of ungrateful people

What will happen, one day the beautiful Nile says enough

What will happen to all it’s dependants, Uganda to Sudan

From Sudan to Ethiopia, all the way to Egypt

What will their people drink, rain water or the oasis

What will their livestock drink; their cattle, their camels, goat and sheep

What will their crops drink to continue feeding them, what will they eat before they go to sleep

The many jobless farmers, the many jobless merchants

Industries shutting down, no more taxes for governments and scary unemployment levels

Crippling the economies, low standards of living and desperate Citizens

Falling nations, ripple effects of the Great Nile changing course.

(All I’m trying to say, we should respect and protect River Nile, not just for us but for future generation)

6 thoughts on “If River Nile Changed Course

  1. This could be said of many great rivers- from Mother Niger to The Father of Waters. Suppose the great rivers, one by one, decide that others, besides their current constituents, are more worthy of their blessings?

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