Life is an opportunity

I can still make it

You can still make it, and we can still make it

So I believe, looking at those who have made it

It’s said that successful people, look just like us and,

Dress just like us, me and you

Personally, made a resolution

Got to start looking at life differently

Got to start looking at everything life brings my way as an opportunity

A blessing

Out of life’s lemons, me making a lemonade

No tears for a heartbreak, that’s a blessing in disguise

Especially for a poet, for writers too

And for a marriage councillor, added experience for a psychiatrist

Not sure what opportunity death might bring, still looking into it

Since I ain’t a coffin maker or a coroner, hate morgue attendants too

Well, you might fail and if you do,

Take it as an opportunity still, tell your failure to folks scared of failure

Earn from your failure, succeed from your failures

Think positively, life itself is an opportunity.

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