Think before you act

I once read this story about a certain Christian prince from a faraway land who was supposed to marry this sixteen year old Muslim princess from a Muslim kingdom. How that came to be, I absolutely have no idea!

Everything was going on according to plan, in regard to the the wedding preparations. On the wedding eve, there was banquet for close family members and the special visitors. People ate and drunk to their fill. The prince was really excited with his bride, kept bragging of her beauty. How men stopped in their footsteps whenever they set eyes on her. He even went as far as dragging her down from her chambers against the disapproving eyes of his In-laws just to parade her before the men.

True, she was beautiful, for the short period that her veil was pulled down by her soon to be husband, the men could see it. Non of them could dispute it.

Her hair was long and wavy, her figure breathtakingly superb, her face so lovely that the light adornments around the eyes and the red berry juice on the lips were quite unnecessary. The girl’s fair skin blushed pink in her embarrassment, and she only briefly exposed her brown eyes before she lowered them and kept them lowered. The men could still gaze upon her unblemished brow and long lashes and perfect nose and winsome mouth and delicate chin. She was indeed beautiful!

As the night progressed, and the merrymaking went on, and the men got drunk and intoxicated. So did the prince. He started having funny ideas like why not visit the princess in her chambers. After all it was only a few hours to the wedding.

“Sleeping with her today, or tomorrow, what difference does it make! She is still going to be my wife.” He shouted in his drunkenness, to the surprise of everyone. They watched him as he groped his way up the stairs to the princess’s chambers. After a short while noise was heard, struggling and whimpers from upstairs.

The next day the wedding went on in spite of the murmuring and sullen faces around. The prince and the princess tied the knot. The celebration went on and later on that evening, wife and husband retired to their chambers.

After a few minutes the prince was seen storming out of his room crying how he had been duped. The in-laws had cheated him by marrying him to a girl who had been with someone else before him. They gave him a whore for a wife!

“It was all a mock wedding! How could you do that to me?” Cried the prince.

Everyone around the room was stunned, death silence engulfed the room. Not even the king, the prince’s father said a word.

“But don’t worry, I took care of it! I did what any man would’ve done!” Continued the prince.

Then after, the room bust into a buzz of noise and commotion. Everyone started talking at once, some asking the prince questions, what he meant by taking care of it. Had he killed his wife! The in-laws were more outraged, surging forward to tear the prince apart. Swords had already been drawn. Then the king, after observing everything that was going on in silence, got up and in a voice above everyone else’s, asked everyone to stay calm.

“My son! What have you done!” He said touching him lovingly on his shoulder.

The king went ahead to tell his son that his wife was indeed a virgin, and no one tricked him like he was alleging. It was in fact he himself who had deflowered the princess. It was by his own actions that the princess had lost her virginity. In the presence of everyone he had insisted on visiting the princess in her private chambers.

The prince’s face fall down. He slowly sunk to the ground, wrapping his arms around his father’s robe. Tears freely flowed from his eyes in parallel streams.

“Oh my God! What have I done!” He cried, before continued.

“I loved that girl, but now I’ve cut off her nose and her lips!”

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