Disgusting Indignity

For in dying, Beauty unbeautifully and copiously evacuated both his bladder and his bowels, befouling his garments and the blankets and filling the room with a ghastly stench.

A disgusting indignity is not what any person would wish to be last remembered for. But I have since attended many dyings and — except in the rare case when there has been opportunity of a purge aforetime — and that is how all human beings make their farewell to life; even the strongest and bravest of men, the fairest and purest of women, whether they die a violent death or go serenely in their sleep.

13 thoughts on “Disgusting Indignity

  1. A well-framed description of the unfortunate conditions of death. That’s why I wonder why people worry so much about their looks when they are older… Vanity in women, handsomeness in men – it all ends in the indignity that you speak of. Very good piece, Madekesi.

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