The Last Storyteller

They’re living like kings and us like paupers, that’s how the xenophobic attacks in South Africa started,

Frustrations getting the better of natives, Nelson Mandela dead and no sign of what he struggled for,

Once upon a time, after the worst election violence in the history of my country Kenya,

At the time America had its first black President, Barack Obama,

The man that left Africa and rest of the world excited, the one that oversaw the end of Osama,

With the death of Osama bin Laden, for a moment the world relaxed and then,

There was the ISIS and the Al shabaab before our eyes, Boko Haram terrorizing West Africa,

Who can forget the Arab Spring, revolutions sweeping through the Arab countries like bushfire,

When the Chinese were stealthily taking over the world, coming in like Trojan Horses,

Occupying Africa while Africans themselves are busy emigrating into Europe, drowning in numbers,

Self-imposed slaves, our ancestors who died in slavery shedding tears in their graves,

Then there was the Brexit, selfish politicians’ efforts break up Britain and then,

Meghan Markle, a mere commoner gets accepted into the royal family before the whole world,

And in came Donald Trump, with his money and arrogance

And then there was nothing else, only a dark period (.)

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