Life goes on

Saw him again, with two huge bags full of sweets and other snacks

Looked great, and he was smiling

Maybe he had accepted his fate

Three years after graduation, still no job

A child on the way, the cute baby girl I recently saw him with

Alongside his beautiful wife, in the park

(With such a beautiful family, I would do anything too)

He had to live, life had to go on

Had to do something, had to start from somewhere

And now he’s just hawking sweets in the streets of Nairobi, just to put food on the table.


(Just hold on a little longer, don’t give up

No matter how long the night, there’ll still be dawn)

One thought on “Life goes on

  1. We sometimes have to go through the thick of thing to get a place where we can succeed. My wife and I started our first business with artificial flowers that I recovered from a pile of discarded decorations. We worked hard. I Made traditional Appalachian furniture out of bushes that had to cleared from land. We started with nothing and had our own gift shop full of hand made things with old world craftsmanship. But the economy changed and we had to start over again.


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