The Traveler

It’s just me now, so it seems

All my friends are married, keep inviting me to them weddings well aware I hate weddings

Hate nuptial masses, places where no imperfections is allowed

The clergy, talking only of virtues and chastity

All my exes are happy, so it seems

Stalk their social media sometimes, looking for a reason to tell myself I did the right thing leaving her ass

To stare in the mirror with confidence, tell myself I’m more hot than her new flame

With a more appealing smile

Dumped the last one, saw another with huge eyes and a nice behind

She was beautiful, easy with my hard-to-please eye and laughed at all my dry jokes

Wore a closefitting dress and her walk was sinuous

But she was only a traveler, passing through my world

Saw no trespass sign, now it’s time for her to move on again

And I’m left here, in my dreamy languor

In this moment, a moment of consternation and contortion

Feeling like the world has conjured against me, again

But maybe I’m the problem, don’t know I’m a traveler too

Here today, tomorrow on the road

Always running away from something, always in pursuit of something.

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