One day during a church service, some years ago when I was still attending Sunday school, the preacher asked people who they would love to be in the Bible.

The congregants, mostly adults, kept mentioning big names like Jacob, Moses, Joseph, Peter, Solomon, et cetera

The ladies were shouting Hannah and some Mary, don’t know if it was the idea of conceiving by the Holy Spirit that was thrilling or what

I had to say something but the pastor couldn’t see my short hand from where I was sitting, sandwiched between my two older brothers

I sneaked away from them and moved close to the pulpit with my hand raised up, he couldn’t avoid me

He bent down and pointed a microphone to my mouth, “son who would you love to be in the Bible?”

With the pleasure of having to be the only one to reply on the mic, I said with all my strength


The whole church broke down in laughter, people were clapping and some just shouting Amen

When it had all calmed down the pastor asked me again, “why Methuselah?”

I replied again but not too loud this time, “he lived many many years.


(Childhood memories)

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