Lifelong Suppression

They’re the selfish ones, of the males of the human race

Muslim men, bidden to keep their women sequestered and useless

And mute and veiled from all eyes, justified by religion

Maybe I’m naive, a naive Christian man

Thinking with his love smitten heart and his third leg, not with the wisdom of the writers of Quran

Blinded by his love for one local veiled girl with a foreign smile, a smile out of this world

A smile as bright as the promise of tomorrow, making me dive into the unknown waters

Think it’s suppression, suppression of their females

Maintaining what the Prophet said and wrote in the Holy Book, long time ago

A woman is merely one of a man’s chattels, like his sword or his goats or his wardrobe

She differs only in being the one of his chattels with which he occasionally couples, with the sole purpose of siring children

And the children, valued only when they’re males.

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