She wanted the poet

I wanted more, I deserved more

More than just a character in your twisted poems, your complicated stories

On those pages where you keep those you love, your heroes and heroines alike

Your mama, your siblings

And those you hate, your villains

Your papa, and those who couldn’t stand it

Those of us who said enough, who chose to be antagonists by choice

Bad ones who left, your villains

Beautifully painted picture of me in the post, I loved that

I would still be there if only, if only you told me that in really life

If only you told me I’m beautiful more often, gave her more time and attention than me and it killed me inside

Sometimes I was jealous of her, the one in your poems

You kissed her and loved her more than me, you took her to places I only dream of

You brought her more roses than me, I was your girl and not her

Wanted the poet, not just to be your poem

Maybe I was greedy, next time write about a greedy poem

You made me leave, you are the poet who destroyed his own poem.


(Had the pleasure of asking one of my exe girlfriends why she left me)

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