I don’t understand


Can’t face hell twice, on judgement day I’ll hold the Kenyan flag so high that God will know I’ve been through hell already,

One tired Kenyan lamented, for a moment forgot my own pain and laughed till couldn’t stand steady,

Not funny but this is where our country has pushed us, majority of us can’t even afford a decent meal,

I don’t understand why it should be this way, people working long hours and still can’t pay the bill?


Each day the poor gets poorer, the rich richer,

There’s money in church, let me be a preacher,

I’ll kneel before God but praying with my eyes open, no one is safe anymore,

My unborn child owes the IMF and Chinese, each year the government needs more.


Why should my country keep borrowing billions only to lose half of it to a few individuals, it’s us who pays,

Me and my poor mama at the cross before the taxman, for my blood the angry beast bays,

In the slum I only pay one thousand a month but now they say I must save two thousand for a thirty thousand a month house, my salary stagnant,

I understand President’s Affordable Housing on the Big Four has to be realized, hope you equally understand why I’m kinda adamant.


They told me to study hard and graduate, I did and there’s no job,

Build a stall by the roadside and it got demolished, here trying not to sob,

Have to bribe my way into a twenty thousand a month payslip, still have to pay my student loan,

My girl ran out of patience and left, wanted a baby by 25 and wasn’t ready and now all alone.


I know when I was being conceived in mama’s womb no one promised life would be easy, but it shouldn’t be this hard,

Why should I be collateral damage for someone else’s mistakes, should I burn myself alive at the public square to be heard,

Used to think with the discovery of oil in Turkana fuel problems will be history, now mama can’t even light her stove for a meal,

Used to believe with the new constitution a man in the streets will be free, now no better than King’s era and that’s just how I feel.


What was the symbol of the handshake, was it just about two individuals or about us,

I’m worse than I was yesterday, plenty of  attractive business plans and still no funds,

Daily in Upper Hill I see a new skyscraper, thought it’s an indication life is getting better and fair,

Maybe I was wrong and don’t understand, maybe we should sell the country and let everyone have their share.

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